Who We Are

Dr. Maury Hayashida

Dr. Hayashida is a board certified orthopedic specialist and physical therapist who has been practicing in Santa Barbara since 2000. He founded Hayashida & Associates Physical Therapy in 2002 where he treated patients at this location with movement related pain and dysfunction until 2011. Since 2012, Dr. Hayashida opened a new clinic model for Physical Therapy called AKI Movement Laboratory, at 319 Anacapa Street in downtown Santa Barbara, where he treats out-of-contract with insurance (cash-pay). This allows him to utilize many kinds of diagnostic tools such as Neurac’s Redcord, and Simi Motion Video Analysis. This additional resource with advanced research-grade equipment is a unique tool. As of 2013 there are only 5 other movement laboratories at the same capacity, and has tremendous potential to further research in the kinesiological (human movement) field with plans to partner with RIHM in its mission. Maury’s passion for understanding and treating human movement has lead his career internationally where he has consulted and worked for professional and Olympic athletes. He currently serves as the Rehabilitation Coordinator for the USA National Rugby team and serves on the National Arthritis Foundation Board. He has also been teaching at Westmont College in Santa Barbara as an adjunct professor since 2007 where he has taught Research for Kinesiology Majors, Biomechanics, and Motor Behavior.



Advisory Board

Dr. Glenn Town

Dr. Stacy Pulice

Dr. Frank Katch